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    I’m just so emotionally attached to a lot of the people I follow. Like, I might not even talk to you, but I’ll see your little icon and url pop up on my dash and I’ll just stare at it and smile and be like: friend.

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    why did Keke show up in ferguson like she going to the club tho

    that’s how you know who’s out here doing it for kudos and a fucking pat on the back.

    Heels and a skirt? No.

    Keke finna film a music video

    who the fuck cares why she’s out there the fact is SHE IS. Are YOU out there? What purpose are you serving? Let’s not start pick and choosing who gets to come the aid of people in need. Her presence brings awareness because of her status and that’s what fucking matters.

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    Season 9 | 9x22 - Stairway to Heaven

    #Hannah looks so done #Like yeah Cas is a fan #We have a fan club meeting every Tuesday #He forces me to be vice president #We discuss how green your eyes are when the sun shines on your face at a 39° angle #FML

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    #sometimes i just really fucking miss pre-Hell Dean

    why was he always so happy whenever he got arrested

    because he could get patted down by a man in a no homo way

    I love you for that last comment

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